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GUEST COLUMN: A rich time to learn and explore

Perhaps it is the fact that the United Soccer Coaches National Convention is just around the corner, in Philadelphia from Wednesday through Sunday, or perhaps it’s the fact that I teach so many courses and get to talk with so many coaches, that I am acutely aware that this really is a great time to learn. 

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GUEST COLUMN: Soccer sense and common sense

As we head into a new season, there are so many things, we all need to consider to make sure that we are putting the idea of “what is the best environment for our youth players to develop within” that I thought it may be worth reminding us all of a few of them.

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GUEST COLUMN: For the love of the game

There are so many cute and catchy phrases that clubs, coaches and leagues throw out when attempting to recruit new players or members that many of them such as “Elite Academy Training,” “Expert Professional Staff” and, of course, “For the Love of the Game,” have all lost any sense of purpose or meaning.

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