In the final FIFA rankings prior to next month’s Women’s World Cup, the United States finds itself on top again.

The European quartet of Germany (second), Sweden (third), England (fourth) and France (fifth) almost remained in place.

There have been changes below, however, with Spain (sixth, plus one) and Canada (seventh, minus one) swapping places and Brazil (eighth, plus 1) and the Netherlands (ninth, minus 1) doing likewise.

Other teams that moved up includued Denmark (13th, plus two), Nigeria (40th, plus two) and Philippines (46th, plus three).

The biggest changes included IR Iran (61st, plus six), Lebanon (138th, plus four) and Pakistan (157th, plus four) made significant jumps, though the highest climbers of all are Bhutan (171st, plus seven), courtesy of wins over Jordan (73rd, minus five) and Timor-Leste (156th, minus three). The biggest drops were by Indonesia (105th, minus six).

Eleven countries have also broken their FIFA ranking points records: Spain (2002.28), Republic of Ireland (1743.59), Slovenia (1556.25), Philippines (1512.97), Zambia (1298.31), Cambodia (1144.56), Cyprus (1134.28), Lebanon (1062.88), Pakistan (944.58), Saudi Arabia (844.30) and Bhutan (841.86).

Slovenia (39th), Philippines (46th), Cambodia (118th) and Saudi Arabia (170th) have achieved their all-time highs in the ranking

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