Major League Soccer and RCX Sports Tuesday announced the launch of MLS GO, a recreational soccer program designed to increase participation and access for boys and girls outside of the existing soccer ecosystem.

MLS GO engages with existing community organizations and local recreation programs to provide boys and girls, ages 4 to 14 with a fun an local soccer experience.

Players will learn the game and wear MLS club-branded uniforms while playing alongside friends in their local community league. The program will debut this fall in 18 markets: 12 MLS, three MLS NEXT, and three additional cities that will be introduced to the MLS ecosystem for the first time.

Markets include:

Birmingham, Ala.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Denver, Colo.; Washington, D.C.; Orlando, FL; New Orleans, La.; Foxborough, Mass.; Detroit, Mich.; Las Vegas, Nev.; New York, N.Y.; Charlotte, N.C.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pa.; Dallas, Texas; Seattle, Wash. (Launching Spring 2024); Milwaukee, Wis.

“MLS GO will provide an opportunity for children across the country to play soccer and create a direct connection between our MLS clubs and future soccer fans,” MLS senior director of properties Kyle Albrecht said in a statement. “We are excited to work with RCX Sports and local community organizations to provide a structured introductory soccer program, with connections to a developmental pathway that will enable greater access to the sport, regardless of age, gender, location, or talent level.”

RCX Sports, a leader in organized youth sports experiences, is the program’s official operating partner to help facilitate the launch and growth of MLS GO. RCX Sports works with professional leagues, national governing bodies, sports-centric businesses.