Gotham FC’s new home kit. (Photo courtesy of Gotham FC)

Gotham FC Monday revealed the club’s 2023 home kit, which will be among the authentic National Women’s Soccer League uniforms included in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 starting March 15.

“This kit signifies the places we are proud to represent and the continued evolution of the Gotham FC brand,” said Jonna Valente, Gotham FC SVP of Marketing + Brand. “With each season, we aim to build with intention on the season prior and with an eye towards future seasons. Gotham FC is just getting started.”

The Sash 
The reimagined 2023 Gotham FC home kit gives a nod to the past by incorporating the iconic sash as a reflection of the club’s roots, while replicating that sash into a pattern of motion that reinforces the continuous forward movement of progress towards a bold new future. The sash is a visual representation of the ever-flowing Hudson River, which embodies the literal slash that unifies New Jersey and New York as one.

The Gradient  
In 2023, the sash is transformed with a gradient texture, which reflects the club’s grit and determination on the field. The gradient also captures the impassioned and certain spirit that epitomizes the people of New Jersey and New York.

Back in Black  
While the front of the home kit features the repeating gradient sash, the all-black back of the jersey is paired with black shorts and black socks to mirror an understated, yet chic simplicity juxtaposed with the contrasting pop of white jersey numbers.