Gregg Berhalter’s contract with the USMNT expired on Dec. 31.

U.S. Soccer isn’t about to give up on Gregg Berhalter or Gio Reyna, says Earnie Stewart.

At least not yet for the former.

The organization’s sporting director said that Gregg Berhalter still could be coach of the team.

“Until the investigation and review takes place, Gregg Berhalter is still in consideration to lead the United States,” Stewart said during a Wednesday evening Zoom call.

Berhalter, whose contract expired on Dec. 31, is under investigation by U.S. Soccer due to allegations that were made 31 years ago when he kicked his girlfriend, Rosalind Santana. They broke up but eventually got back together and were married.

Danielle Reyna, the wife of former U.S. men’s national team captain, made sure of that as she admitted she told U.S. Soccer about Berhalter’s domestic violence because she was frustrated by comments he made about her son Gio after the World Cup.

Stewart also had some good news for Gio Reyna, saying that “any player with a United States passport will be eligible to represent the U.S. moving forward” in regard to speculation that Reyna wouldn’t be called into camp because the drama surrounding the two families.

Stewart was unable to go in-depth on details surrounding the ongoing investigation, but he added that Berhalter was still in consideration for the job once the investigation is over.

During the World Cup, Berhalter told Gio Reyna that he was going to get limited playing time, which the 20-year-old midfielder-forward did not like. That bit of information eventually went public during a supposed off-the-record symposium that Berhalter addressed last month.

And the feud got worse.

Needless to say, this controversy is not a good look for U.S. Soccer.

“Obviously, this is not a positive time for soccer in this country and for our men’s national team and it’s a tough time for the families involved,” U.S. Soccer president Cindy Parlow Cone said. “I’m just hopeful that we can find resolution to this quickly and move forward with our men’s team.”