Pele and Tom Mulroy in an NASL match back in the day.

By Michael Lewis Editor

Soccer great Pele is receiving palliative end-of-life care in a hospital in his native Brazil, according to Brazilian newspaper Folha de S Paulo.

The three-time World Cup winner stopped responding to chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer, the newspaper reported on Saturday.

The 82-year-old soccer icon was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday to re-evaluate cancer treatment.

The newspaper reported that Pele is being treated for pain and shortness of breath at the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paolo.

Pele was hospitalized on Wednesday to regulate medication that is used in his fight against a tumor, his daughter said. His daughter Kely Nascimento said that there was no emergency about Pele’s health.

In an Instagram post then, Nascimento said there was “lots of alarm in the media today concerning my dad’s health.”

At the time, the hospital released a statement that Pele was in stable condition after arriving Tuesday “for a reevaluation of the chemotherapeutic treatment of the tumor.”

A hospital spokesman said that the soccer icon “has full control of his vital functions,” and that he was not taken there for treatment in intensive care limits for treatment.

The tumor had been identified in September 2021.

Pele was a member of three World Cup winning sides (1958, 1962 and 1970). He joined the Cosmos in 1975 and played for three seasons in the North American Soccer League. His presence ignited a soccer boom in the United States.