By Michael Lewis Editor

Ted Lasso has given Joe Scally some words of wisdom and inspiration – in his hometown.

In a message in front of Village Hall in Lake Grove, N.Y. on Long Island, Lasso placed one of his many signs for the 26 U.S. men’s national team players who are in Qatar for the World Cup.

Scally, the youngest player on the USMNT at 19, hails from Lake Grove.

Lasso has put up inspirational messages in the 26 players’ hometown across the country, in the TV character’s unique way of getting his point across.

His message to Scally:

Scally, Scallywag, Scallycat, and “Son of lake Grove, defender of Grass, above average Joe.” That last one’s my favorite. I know the good folks of are proud of you back in Lake Grove FKA Lakeland FKA Lakeville FKA NEW Village FKA Ronkonkoma FKA West Middle Island. Whew. Y’all love a nickname collection. I have a collection of bears with beans in ’em that I’m planning on retiring off of. Until then, I’m rooting for you to earn a new nickname on the world stage: “Champ.”

Duke of Biscuits,

Ted Lasso

Lasso is an Emmy Award-winning series on Apple TV in which Jason Sudakis stars as an American gridiron football coach who guides a fictional team in the English Premier League.

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Editor’s note: My wife Joy helped me find where the message was with some nice detective work on Sunday morning.

As it turns out, the Ted Lasso message is only 1 1/2 miles from where we live on Long Island. So, before I went out to bring back our usual Sunday breakfast, I drove down Hawkins Avenue to take the photo. I feel like these are great Easter Eggs planted all over the country.

I have visited Village Hall once before, when I went to pay a traffic ticket in what was a village speed trap 11 years ago. I haven’t gotten a ticket since. They might not have the speed trap anymore. That’s another story for another time.