Ameila Atassi and ENYYSA President Richard Christiano (Photo courtesy of ENYYSA)

Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association has announced that Amelia Atassi received its TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year Award at Eastern New York’s Hall of Fame Banquet on Saturday, Nov. 5.

The festivities celebrated Eastern New York’s 50th anniversary and were held at Marina del Rey in the Bronx.

Atassi was nominated by Staten Island Youth Soccer League TOPSoccer supervisor Christopher Rooney who wrote, “Amelia has been involved with TOPSoccer since September 2017. She has been playing soccer since she was five years old over a decade ago and loves the sport dearly. She wanted to give back to the community so that others could play the sport that she loves so much. She understands that this special set of children will not be able to play soccer like she does but she can share with them what she knows about the game and make it a fun environment for them.

“Amelia has shown tremendous effort with the TOPSoccer players. They get excited when they see her! She helps the children with their soccer skills and always makes sure they have a chance to score a goal and have fun.”

Atassi also has collected donated soccer cleats and other soccer equipment to 1K Cleats For Kids, a program in New Jersey that sends the equipment to parts of Africa and other needy countries.

Last year, Atassi was nominated for the Envision program that is for students who hope to attend medical school in the future. Although she could not attend the program in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Atassi received the materials in the mail and completed the program online on her own, and received certificates that she earned from the Future Doctor Academy.


Ameila Atassi and ENYYSA President Richard Christiano (Photo courtesy of ENYYSA)