All English and Scottish pro league matches has been postponed this w6eekend as a mark of respect after the death of Queen Elizabeth, it was announced on Friday morning.

Elizabeth, who was queen for 70 years, passed away on Thursday. She was 96.

Ten English Premier League and six Scottish Premiership matches were scheduled.

English Football League games were scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Six Women’s Super League contests were set to kickoff the season on Saturday and Sunday.

Official guidance from the United Kingdom government that did not require them to do so, but there the EPL decided to call of the matches.

In a statement, the EPL said it chose to pause its season “to honor [the queen’s] extraordinary life and contribution to the nation, and as a mark of respect.”

It was not immediately known when those games will be made up.

Like every league in the world, England’s and Scotland’s schedules have been impacted by a winter World Cup in Qatar.