By Joy Rubenstein Assistant Editor

Briana Scurry and Wayne Coffey did a wonderful job telling the story of the goalkeeper’s life and soccer career in her autobiography, “My Greatest Save.”

Briana is a remarkably open and honest person regarding the high points and low points in her life.

And in that life, she has gone through so much.

Being a woman, being black, being a lesbian, and being the first in the beautiful game; especially on the national level.

She is a sweet and kind person, so that even when she spills the tea, there is definitely sugar added.

Reading the book, you feel like she is your friend. You learn her sense of irony, her sense of humor, and even though you may know how the story ends, you root for her throughout the hardships she had along the way.

Yes, there are things that you learn about controversies on the U.S. women’s national team, but you also learn about the solidarity among the players as well.

Whether you are a soccer fan or not, Briana’s inspirational story will keep you engrossed.

It is well told, and she has had so much to write about in her 50 years.

I have never met her, but after reading her book, I hope that I get the chance.

If there is a downside to the book, it is some editing errors. But please, don’t let them bother you while reading the book.

My Greatest Save, which retails for $26.00, was by published by Abrams. It is available on several websites, including and Barnes and Noble.