Concacaf has come down hard about the post-game quarterfinal melee between the U.S and Costa Rica at the confederation’s Under-20 championship on Tuesday.

Nine Ticos players were assessed with multiple game suspensions while Cade Cowell was the lone USA player to get sanctioned, with a three-game ban. The Americans recorded a 2-0 victory over the Central Americans to clinch a berth in the U-20 World Cup.

The Concacaf disciplinary committee has determined that the Costa Rican FA and a number of its players violated Competition Regulations and the FIFA disciplinary code.

The Costa Rica Federation has been fined an undisclosed amount and the following players have been suspended for violent and unsportsmanlike conduct:

• Andrey Soto (No. 7): six-match suspension

• Timothy Arias (No. 14): six-match suspension

• Ricardo Pena (No. 6): three-match suspension

• Creichel Perez (No. 8): three-match suspension

• Doryan Rodriguez (No. 9): three-match suspension

• Keral Rios (No. 13): three-match suspension

• Bayron Mora (No. 18): three-match suspension

• Johel Aleman (No. 19): three-match suspension

• Enyel Escoe (No. 20): three-match suspension

The disciplinary committee said Cowell violated Competition Regulations and the FIFA disciplinary code.

As a consequence of these rule breaches, and in accordance the Competition Regulations and the FIFA Disciplinary Code, and Cowell’s violent and unsportsmanlike conduct, he has been suspended for three matches.

Concacaf said that all suspensions must be served in the next official match of the men’s national team of the same age category. If the suspensions cannot be served in the same age category, then they will be transferred to the immediately higher category in men’s national team soccer.


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