Evelyn Gill served as NJYS president on  three occasions. (Jeffrey Auger Photo)

New Jersey Youth Soccer announced Tuesday that Evelyn Gill has been inducted into the NJYS Hall of Fame.

Gill, a past president of NJ Youth Soccer, passed away in December after finishing her third term as president the previous year.

“Becoming President after Evelyn was very intimidating because of her breadth of knowledge and her standing in the US soccer community,” NJYS president Jess Yeager said in a statement. “She was tireless in her work to make sure we were always improving and even in the toughest of times never gave up hope. She was a mentor to me and after her passing so many others came forward with the same sentiment. This award is long overdue and recognizes a woman who gave much in her personal and professional life to ensure children were treated fairly and justly in a safe environment.”

Gill began her involvement with youth soccer by coaching her sons at the recreational and competitive levels. She was elected president of NJ Youth Soccer on three occasions, first in the early 1990s and most recently completed a term in 2020. Her contributions to youth soccer also stretched across the country. She established the first NJYS state office, initiated the US Youth Soccer American Cup Festival and also organized NJ Youth Soccer’s first coaching workshop. Additionally, she was a major factor in helping to equalize funding for the Girls’ Olympic Development Program in New Jersey.

“Evelyn’s tireless efforts throughout the years of her involvement in New Jersey Youth Soccer is second to none,” said Flo Egan, a 2005 NJYS Hall of Fame inductee. “Her vast knowledge and mentorship have resonated and taught me to give back to the soccer community while being a strong advocate for all youth in New Jersey and beyond who choose to play the beautiful game. I learned from Evelyn to keep the players front and center and always leave the game better than you found it. Her positive impact on players from the past and present will also carry over to our future players.”

Gill was selected as Secretary of the US Youth Soccer board of directors in 1996. She held that position until she was elected as vice president, a position she held for 14 years. She was also on the US Soccer Board of Directors as well as its Disabled Athletes Committee and Credentials Committees. Further, she spent time serving on the US Soccer Governance Taskforce. Gill was later inducted into the US Youth Soccer Hall of Fame in 2015.