Concacaf Friday announced details for the 2022 Concacaf W Championship draw.

The event, which will divide the eight participating nations into two groups, will take place on Tuesday, April 19 at 7 p.m. ET, in Miami, Fla.

Fans will be can follow the event live through CBS | Paramount + (USA), One Soccer (CAN), ESPN | Star+ (Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America), and multiple partners around the world. For other territories, the event will be available on the Official Concacaf App (Apple and Google Play stores), and Concacaf’s Facebook and YouTube pages (all subject to territory restrictions).

The 2022 CWC will be played in Monterrey, Mexico. The tournament’s 16 matches will be split across two stadiums, Estadio Universitario and Estadio BBVA, from July 4-18.

The region’s eight best women’s senior national teams will compete for the W Championship title, including the United States and Canada (two highest-ranked nations) and six nations determined via the 2022 Concacaf W Qualifiers. The W Championship is a qualification tournament for the WWC 2023 and, as part of a newly created format, the Summer Olympic Games

Thirty nations are participating in the W Qualifiers and will compete in the final matches during the Women’s International Match Window of April. At the conclusion of the window, each of the six group winners will qualify for the 2022 CWC.

The 2022 CWC will kick off with a Group Stage. After round robin play, the top two teams in each group will move on to the semifinals and qualify directly to the 2023 FWWC (four teams). The third placed teams in each group will qualify for a 2023 FWWC Intercontinental Playoff (two teams).

The semifinals, final and third-place match will be played in a single-elimination format, with the champion qualifying for both the 2024 Paris Olympics and the inaugural Concacaf W Gold Cup, to be held in 2024.

The runner-up and third-place teams will also square off in a Concacaf Olympic play-in series, scheduled for September 2023. The winner of the play-in also will qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics and the 2024 Concacaf W Gold Cup.

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Draw Procedures

The draw will be executed using a single-blind system and four pots. Based on the FIFA Women’s Ranking of June 2021, the eight participating nations will be split into four pots as follows (listed in ranking order per pot):

Pot 1 (seeded nations): United States and Canada
Pot 2: Two next best ranked nations
Pot 3: Two next best ranked nations
Pot 4: Two lowest ranked nations

The draw will start by placing the highest ranked nations (Pot 1) in their pre-assigned groups and positions. The United States (highest ranked nation) will be placed in Group A, position A1, followed by Canada (second highest ranked nation) in Group B, position B1.

Once the seeded teams have been positioned, the draw will continue by randomly selecting a sphere from Pot 2 and placing that nation in Group A, position A2. The second sphere from Pot 2 will then be drawn and positioned in Group B, position B2.

The same process will be used for Pots 3 and 4, always placing the first nation drawn in Group A and the second one in Group B.

Group A: United States (A1), A2, A3, A4
Group B: Canada (B1), B2, B3, B4

At the conclusion of the draw, each group will feature one nation from each Pot.