By Joy Rubenstein

FrontRowSoccer.com Writer

Christie Pearce Rampone’s and Dr. Kristine Keane’s recent book, Be All In, is subtitled Raising Kids for Success in Sports and Life, but it should be subtitled A Manual for How to Behave as a Parent.

The problem is not the children, whether they are playing on an elite team, or are playing just for fun.

Parents have the ultimate responsibility to be an example to their children, and to model behavior, and raising your child to be a good sport and a team player is as important as a win or a trophy.

Teaching a child how to persevere, and to deal with adversity prepares them for life, as does taking responsibility and not blaming others.

Winning is good, but it isn’t the most important thing in life. An individual can only do their best.

May be an image of book and text that says 'Foreword by Abby Wambach Be All In Raising Kids for Success in Sports and Life. Christie Pearce Rampone Kristine Keane'

Actual victory comes from being your true self and enjoying the journey and the learning experience along the way.

There is a chapter on dealing with anxiety and how styles of parenting can impact how a child reacts to situations.

The chapter about sports injuries, especially concussions was very informative. Too many parents don’t understand how a concussion can debilitate a child in many ways, and for a long time, especially if it is not handled well.

Another chapter discusses the pros and cons of specializing in one sport, rather than playing other sports or having other interests.

What might be needed in a book like this is a chapter on what to do if your coach is abusive or makes sexual advances.

Since this book came out, there have been major scandals in women’s soccer, including one involving Rampone’s former coach, who is now her husband.

Putting that aside, this is a good guide to raise a well-rounded child athlete.