By Michael Lewis Editor

Here’s a red card to FIFA to even having a survey for fans on whether they would prefer to have World Cups not every four years, but every other year.

Yep, every two years.

The qualification process for the men’s and women’s World Cups are difficult enough. There would be a never-ending World Cup quest in the soccer universe.

And a red card to any so-called soccer/football fans out there who want to see a biennial tournament.

Me thinks you have played FIFA21 or FIFA22 too much.

Players are not machines. They are human beings.

They have limits.

They can’t play 12 months a year.

You can’t run them into the ground.

They need rest and need to breath.

In fact, they are too stretched today with league, domestic cup competitions and national team commitments.

The last thing anyone would want to do is damage their product.

While it is an honor to play for one’s country, players make the bulk of their salaries competing for their clubs. If they are good enough, they get selected to their respective national team. That is their No. 1 priority.

A world championship every four years is just fine as it is. It makes the competition all the more special.

Having a global tournament every two years would tarnish and cheap its reputation – for men and women. And besides, what would happen to the quadrennial European Championship in the even years when the men’s World Cup isn’t played? I don’t think the powers that be in Europe would push it aside for another World Cup.

A biennial World Cup?

Don’t even think of it.

Shame on all of you!