Tim Bradbury, the director of coaching for Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, is a regular contributor to FrontRowSoccer.com.

By Tim Bradbury
Director of coaching, Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association

Every month, I torture myself about what is the most important issue to write about.

Often, I ask for suggestions from coaches, administrators and of course the ENYYSA instructor group. I try my best to accommodate their ideas. When asked to write a Top 10 list for coaches to consider as we approach the fall season, I had no idea the challenge it would be.

The consequence of the struggle is below:

1. Always connect with them as young people first. If they know how much you care they will respond to you.

2. Build a relationship built on trust and sharing knowledge with the parents. Simply put you can’t do it without them.

3. Do all you can each and every day to learn more about the game and how kids learn best.

4. Make sure each practice is carefully planned with soccer activities designed to meet the player’s needs.

5. Find three podcasts, three books, three ted talks and a mentor you can trust that will help your development this season.

6. Make a definite decision on the fact that learning and FUN along with competing and much more important that winning.

7. Let your players make decisions, organize each other, pick teams, and sort out disagreements, their social development is part of your role.

8. Take the time to discover the physical diet of all your players. It will help you know how much effort they can generate in practice and games.

9. Realize they don’t learn much when you just talk and if you go beyond three clear and concise points you probably lost them.

10. Schedule and plan at least one coaching course to do in the next six months.