Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association is seeking nominations for the top coaches, volunteers and administrators of the year.

The organization also will honor the goal and save of the year.

Eastern New York will select a person in each category who will receive our recognition and will also be forwarded as our candidate for additional recognition at the regional and mational levels.

 The entries MUST be on a specific form and be completed as comprehensively as possible or they cannot be considered. Go to www.ENYSoccer.com for more information.
Awards will be presented in the following categories: 
Nominations must be received at the Eastern New York office on or before Sept. 15 to be considered. The address is Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, 167 Nassau Boulevard, Garden City South, NY 11530 or the form can be e-mailed to Randy Vogt at enypublicrelations@enysoccer.com