For the first time, video support will be used at a Futsal World Cup, FIFA announced Tuesday.

The Futsal World Cup will be played from Sept. 12-Oct. 3 in Lithuania.

The system will comprise a review operator and a pitchside monitor on which referees will be able to review specific incidents. Referees and teams will benefit from having video replays available for four specific types of incidents:

* Goal/no goal situations

* Penalty incidents

* Direct red cards

* Potential cases of mistaken identity

“This is an important milestone for the game of futsal: the introduction of VS at the highest level of international competition,” FIFA referee committee chairman Pierluigi Collina said in a statement. “It will be an innovative system for the sport, enabling the quick review of specific on-pitch incidents and ultimately ensuring fairer results.”

Referees will have the opportunity to review incidents immediately to clarify decisive moments in futsal matches. The technology has been tested in several competitions and has also been in operation in Lithuania, the host nation of the competition.

Consultation also was carried out with various futsal stakeholders, including top coaches and players, which yielded positive feedback regarding the system.

“Of course, the implementation of any new element introduced to the game always poses challenges; however, the reaction from the futsal community has been overwhelmingly positive. The coaches of the qualified teams will be briefed about the innovative tool soon and the focus is on delivering a fantastic and technologically modern Futsal World Cup,” Collina said.

The protocol for the VS system is being finalized and will be released closer to the tournament.