Fred Guzman (left), with Pele, wrote for the San Jose Mercury News back in the day. (Photo courtesy of the Guzman family)

Fred Guzman, who covered the original San Jose Earthquakes in the North American Soccer League, has passed away.

Guzman, who wrote for the San Jose Mercury News in the seventies and eighties, died Tuesday.

He also was vice president of Pro-Link, which was part owners of the the Major League Soccer version of the Earthquakes.

Guzman eventually moved to Hawaii to continue his career.

“RIP to a long-ago colleague on the professional soccer beat, Fred Guzman,” former U.S. Soccer John Polis wrote on his Facebook page. “Back in the mid 70s I covered for the Portland Oregonian, and one of the first guys I ran into was Freddy, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News. I was a novice on the beat and Fred had followed the game a long time and, frankly, had forgotten more about soccer than I knew.

“But he was always a good friendly face, willing to share information, and he was a very fun guy to be around. A devoted family man he spent recent years living in Hawaii. Freddy, I’ll never forget your unmistakable, cheerful laugh and your no-holds-barred, straight-ahead transparency. You will be dearly missed by so many because, for sure, in this day and age there aren’t many guys like you left.God bless you Fred and all of your family. 🙏🙏🙏”