By Michael Lewis

FrontRowSoccer.com Editor

So, they’re calling themselves the Columbus Crew again, or Columbus Crew SC, or whatever.

No more Columbus SC.

What they will call the MLS club next week is anyone’s guess.

In the worst public relations scheme since the European Super League fiasco last month, the owners and management of the MLS club has shown some sanity, relented on their absurd idea of changing the name of the team and will return to its original name.

Why due diligence with the team’s ardent supporters wasn’t done before the mind-numbing decision was made is anyone’s guess.

Needless to say, this whole episode calls into questions the competence of the team’s front office and yes, ownership, the same investors who purchased the Crew and avoided extinction when Anthony Precourt wanted to move the team to Austin, Texas in 2018.

Crazy, world we live in, huh?

For the second time in three years, Columbus soccer fans must be given a standing ovation for saving the Crew.

The Crew is one of the league’s most iconic clubs as an original franchise. It has won two MLS Cups and is the defending champion. Under the late Lamar Hunt, Columbus was the first MLS club to build a soccer-specific stadium (that structure did not age well and the team will move into a new stadium later this year).

Late Monday night, this was the statement given to the media by the Crew management:

“This evening, a positive, collaborative discussion took place between Crew investor-operators, front office executives and a diverse group from the Crew community regarding the future of the Club’s brand and the Club’s commitment to its supporter community.

“The importance of keeping the Crew as the Club’s primary identifier was clear. The decision that came from the discussion was that Columbus Crew will remain the team’s official name moving forward.

“The Crew received Nordecke’s support of the name, which will include Columbus Crew as a part of the new crest. In addition, “96” will be placed inside the outline of the Ohio state flag, recognizing the club’s status as the founding member in Major League Soccer.

“The Crew and the Nordecke are excited to move forward together.”

Quite frankly, after this rather embarrassing public episode, I have very little confidence in the Crew’s owners and management team.

Didn’t they learn what transpired in Europe with the billionaire owners who wanted to form that Super League before the various team’s supporters stepped in to show their outrage on such a ridiculous idea?

It ain’t your team. You are the stewards of any sports team.

When are owners going to get it into their thick skulls?

It is the fans’ team.

What a waste of time, energy and money.

I salute the club’s supporters for their fortitude and sanity for saving the club yet again.

This fiasco should not have occurred in the first place, but we keep seeing history repeated, don’t we?

Hopefully, we won’t need the supporters for a third round in the future.