Here is a full list of players who have been inducted into the Long Island Soccer Player Hall of Fame.

CLASS of 2013
Shep Messing
Chris Armas
Paul LeSueur
Kim Wyant
CLASS of 2014
Sara Whalen (Hess)
Sue Ryan
Jackie Shannon
Ritchie Kotshau
Dominic Pedone
CLASS of 2015
Mike Windischmann
Emily Pickering (Harner)
Tommy Lang
Alan Bodenstein
Eddie Cody*
CLASS of 2016
Giovanni Savarese
Paul Riley
Jim Rooney
Mike Masters
Kevin Anderson
Danny Mueller
Steve Cadet
Danielle Egan (Reyna)
Jim Kilmeade
CLASS of 2017
Kim Conway
Gina Tucker
Laura Martin
Caitlin Connolly
Traci Sofsian Maier
Dina Grossman-Case
Christie Welsh
CLASS of 2018
Alain Maca
Dan McCrudden
Ron Eden
John McCrudden
Christopher W. Tyson
Ronnie Atanasio
Jim McGeough*
Bobby Auletta
CLASS of 2019
Carlos Mendes
Jennifer Tiejten
Margaret Tiejten
Tommy Lips
Mark Semioli
CLASS of 2020
Chris Wingert
Gary Sullivan
Christina Dimartino
Gina Dimartino
Vicki Dimartino
Mary Frances Monroe
Paul Grafer
CLASS of 2021
Michael Collins
Alan Mayer
Lori Walker-Hock