By Michael Lewis Editor

New York City FC certainly faces a challenge on piecing together its home schedule at Yankee Stadium.

Assuming the team uses Yankee Stadium to host its 17 home games for the 2021 Major League Soccer season, NYCFC will have eight windows of opportunity.

In wake of Major League Baseball and the Yankees unveiling their regular season schedule Thursday, many City homestands could very well have multiple matches.

MLS will kick off its 26th season April 17 with it ending in November.

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Here are the eight windows of opportunity:

* April 22-29

* May 10-20

* June 7-17

* July 5-14

* July 22-Aug. 1

* Aug. 23 – Sept. 2

* Sept. 10-16

* Sept. 23-30

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That means there will be an average of two home games per window. In fact, some 11-day windows (such as May 10-20, June 7-17 and Aug. 23-Sept. 2) could house as many as three games.

NYCFC won’t be able to hold any home matches at the stadium in October because there is a strong probability the Yankees will reach the postseason, given the team’s recent success.

In the past, NYCFC has played games at Citi Field in Queens, N.Y., Red Bull Arena in Harrison, N.J. and Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Conn. when there were conflicts with the Yankees.