After his international debut and quarantine, Cristian Casseres, Jr. was back in action for the Red Bulls Saturday night. (Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports)

By Michael Lewis Editor

Barring a major collapse, the Red Bulls should clinch a berth in the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Saying that, team captain Sean Davis feels that his team could be a difficult side to beat in the offseason.

“Yeah, without a doubt,” he told reporters after the Red Bulls’ 2-2 comeback draw at the Chicago Fire Saturday night.

It was the second successive match in which the Red Bulls earned a point on a goal during stoppage time.

“I’m not sure many teams want to play us just because of our intense style of play and our ability to compete for 90 minutes,” Davis said. “I think that makes us a dangerous team heading into this final stretch, so we have to continue to tap into that. We have to continue to find ways to improve because there are areas that we can, which I mentioned before.

“Most importantly, the culture is strong here and the foundation is strong. We know that we can fight for 90 minutes for each other, and there’s nothing better than that. There’s no better feeling than that because that no matter what happens in the game, we’ll be ready for it, we’ll react appropriately and I think that we’ve shown that over the course of the last few weeks.”

Incredibly, the Red Bulls have an encouraging 4-4-4 road record, compared to a rather mediocre and disappointing 3-4-1 mark at home.

Davis felt the away results will help the Red Bulls during the playoffs. If they get past the first round, they will likely play the rest of the postseason on the road.

“That’s something that gives us a lot of confidence, especially heading into that final stretch,” he said. “I think we also have to assess the performance, in terms of how we played as a team and I think that’s where we can continue to improve.

“Even though we grabbed the point, at times like I said, we can control the game a little bit more, get our foot on the ball and control the game through possession. Then on the other side of the ball, win more duels. … Our road form is something that we should be proud of, especially in these conditions. The belief is something that’s more important than anything and I’m just proud of the team for the character and resolve that they showed today.”