Ed Short has been a member of Lansingburgh’s Youth Soccer board of directors the past 15 years. (Photo courtesy of ENYYSA)

The Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association has named Ed Short as its volunteer of the year.

Short was nominated by three members from Lansingburgh Youth Soccer in the Capital District Youth Soccer League.

He has served on the Lansingburgh club’s board of directors the past 15 years.

Marie Cole, a board member in the club, wrote: “His love for the game started on a travel team as a youngster in the Under-12 age group. … Coach Ed started as a coach for his two nieces, one of them is now in college and the other coaches girl’s high school varsity soccer at Hoosic Valley Central School. I’m sure they must have been influenced by their ‘uncle’ Ed.

“He will always hold a special place in the hearts of his players. He’s a wonderful coach and always has what he needs in his trusty equipment bag. Tape, extra socks, candy, granola bars, tiger balm, etc. If you needed the kitchen sink at a soccer game, it would be in there!“

Stacy Ward wrote: “Lansingburgh is a poverty-strcken community comprised of predominately single parent households. It’s a financial hardship for many parents to endure registration, tournament, travel and uniform fees so their child can participate. In some cases, the time commitment is too much for these families. Ed has removed that barrier to participation by covering the associated fees, arranged travel accommodations and additional meals for many of the athletes, in most cases anonymously to eliminate any embarrassment or shame a player or parent may feel.

“While providing financial support is certainly worth accolades, Ed has had a much larger impact on this community. He sends countless hours off the field mentoring players, he arranges events and activities for the players to participate in and provides unwavering support.”

One of his players, Mackenzie Adams, wrote: “Ed has been and continues to be an extremely positive influence in my life. As a coach, he provided me with structured practice of skills, team-building and courage to take on new positions on the field as well as commitment, handling pressure and accounatability to a team. In life, Ed has been a constant role model and a source of social/emotional support for me.

“He was always there for me or any of the other girls on the team if we needed to be cheered up. He treated us like his own daughters. In my eyes, coach Ed has always been a part of my family because of all the time and effort he has put in supporting me as a person and a soccer player.”