Giuseppe Barone has recovered from his knee injury. (Photo courtesy of the Cosmos)

Former Cosmos midfielder Giuseppe Barone is moving on, but staying in Italy’s Serie B.

He has signed a contract with U.S. Salernitana in Salerno.

The deal is for one year, with an option for another two seasons.

Barone, 22, ventured to Italy last year to play with Perugia, but suffered a knee injury that kept him sidelined.

He is the son of Joe Barone, general manager of Fiorentina in Serie A, and a Cosmos vice president.

In an interview last year, Barone said he was soaking in as much information as he could from his more experienced Cosmos teammates.

“It’s been great,” he said. “The group is definitely merging together and looking better every day. Happy to be here, being one of the younger guys. It’s great being in the locker room, listening to everybody, just trying to take all the information in from everybody, being the young one. Guys have been playing for multiple years. Trying to take everything in, learn as much as possible and then go out there and perform every day, give it my best.”

His brother, Sal, is a member of the current Cosmos squad.