HARRISON, N.J. – Sky Blue FC has launched ‘Go-Vote’, an initiative aimed at accurately informing players, employee and supporters about the voting process and increasing participation in upcoming elections.

As part of ‘Go-Vote,’ all Sky Blue players and staff will receive the most up-to-date information about voter registration and the available voting methods in their home state. Sky Blue employees also will receive a paid day off on Election Day. The club will recognize this day every four years during presidential elections.

For supporters, Sky Blue has created SkyBlueFC.com/Go-Vote. This webpage provides a countdown clock to Election Day, each state’s voter registration deadlines, the difference between mail-in and absentee voting, and more.

Sky Blue FC is hosting a digital event Oct. 12 with the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, ‘Chaos or Community – Where Do We Go From Here?’ The event will feature New Jersey Institute for Social Justice President/CEO Ryan Haygood and Sky Blue FC player Imani Dorsey. Registration is required for the event. To register, click here.