Tom Barlow outshot D.C. in the opening half, 5-2, but could not find the net. (USA TODAY Photo)

Long-time soccer fan Will Smith’s latest piece is about the Red Bulls’ 1-0 loss to D.C. United Wednesday night.

By Will Smith
Special to FrontRowSoccer.com

Well, that was horrible. Losing to D.C. United under any circumstances is never easy. Losing to them at home is worse and losing to them in the 98th minute is beyond words.

Nonetheless, I will try to put into words 11 takeaways from this dreadful defeat.

1) Tom Barlow is a USL player at best. He is a big guy … and that’s all. He is like Kenny Cooper without talent.

2) Chris Armas struggles with squad rotation and in-game decisions. Other than that, he is terrific.

3) Amro Tarek is a reckless player. For every good play he makes, he commits three mental errors. He will eventually break somebody’s leg.

4) For the love of God, play a 4-4-2.

5) Sam Tetteh will have no problem stepping right into the starting lineup. He cannot possibly do worse than what the Red Bulls got.

6) I would have liked to seen Dru Yearwood tonight. I hope he starts Saturday.

7) I’m not sure than Sean Davis knows he is allowed to play the ball forward.

8) Florian Valot has come back to the pack. A right wide player is needed. Desperately.

9) I would like to see John Wolyniec coach the team next year. Or, really, anyone other than Armas.

10) Ben Mines looks like he bulked up a little. He is playing well and should be starting on the right side until or unless a better player is signed.

11) I really can’t wait for this miserable season to be over.

The only good thing I can say about this match (besides Ben Mines) is that, due to the pandemic, I was watching the game from home.

Any time the pandemic is the highlight of a game, you know it’s been a disaster.