Sorry, Red Bulls fans.

Their two latest acquisitions are nowhere near ready to suit up for the team to play against New York City FC in the Hudson River Derby at Red Bull Arena Thursday night.

Ghanaian international forward Samuel Tetteh, on loan from Red Bull Salzburg of the Austrian Bundesliga, is in quarantine while training with the team. He was acquired Aug. 11.

Midfielder Dru Yearwood isn’t even that far along in the process. He still needs to finalize his papers, including obtaining a visa after the Major League Soccer team dealt for him from Brentford F.C. in the English Football League Championship Aug. 5.

During a conference call with the media Tuesday afternoon, Red Bulls head coach Chris Armas said that Tetheh should be arriving any day.

Armas then explained the process any new foreign player needs to go through, which includes a quarantine period after players arrive.

“Then we will see the players though they’ll be out of the training field,” he said. “We will be able to work with those players on some level and get them ready, and physically ready style of play ready.”

The team will have conversations with the new players, including a Zoom meeting, if needed.

“In the next few weeks, we will have them ready to go, which is really exciting,” Armas said. “It’s just the natural process of how teams evolve. We want to add a freshness and some quality and some different qualities to the team, and both of those players, we believe have that.”

Armas added that Yearwood was “just slightly behind” Tetteh in the process. He needs to get into the United States with the proper paperwork.

“Everything’s moving forward in a good way,” he said.

When Yearwood arrives he could wind up competing for a starting spot with team captain Sean Davis and Christian Casseres, Jr. for a central midfield spot.

“We want to add players that that make us better and we want to add players that give us some different options and different looks,” he said. “Dru is a very aggressive, central midfielder a ball-winning six in many ways. He’s an interesting player that way and can get forward as well.

“He has a natural ability to compete in a in a good way in the midfield. Dfending, second balls and interceptions and tackles is a big part of any high-level game. He can be a nice addition.”

Given the Red Bulls’ high pressing style, the transition could take a little longer than normal.

“How does that translate? We have to see how he fits into our group [with] the speed of play of Major League Soccer the speed of play of our team and our style of play,” Armas said. “We see players that come into our team that are talented. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time. We see that his qualities will fit nicely with our group and we’ll push him the right way and get [him] ready as soon as possible.”