MIAMI – Concacaf Friday announced a plan to resume the confederation’s club competitions across the region.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the confederation suspended several competitions and, in some cases, postponed start dates.

Following approval from the Concacaf Council, Concacaf provided a detailed update on the 2020 Concacaf Caribbean Club Shield, the 2020 Flow Caribbean Club Championship and the 2020 Scotiabank Concacaf League.

2020 Concacaf Caribbean Club Shield

The Concacaf Caribbean Club Shield was due to take in place in April in Curacao but was suspended.

Concacaf said that it was working with the relevant clubs, and with the Curacao Football Federation, to determine if the competition can be played in mid-September.

A final decision will be communicated by Concacaf by the end of August.

2020 Flow Caribbean Club Championship

The group stages of the Flow Caribbean Club Championship took place in Jamaica, from Jan. 29 to Feb. 9.

The final stage was due to take place in May, in the Dominican Republic, but was suspended.

Concacaf announced it was working with the four clubs participating in the final stage, the Dominican Football League and the Dominican Republic Football Federation to determine if the competition can be resumed towards the end of September.

A final decision will be communicated by Concacaf by the end of August.

2020 Concacaf League

The competition was due to begin on July 28, but the start of the competition was postponed.

Concacaf confirmed a new schedule, with the opening matches due to be played on Oct. 20, and the second leg of the final Jan. 28, 2021.

To fit the competition into this new schedule, the preliminary round and Round of 16 will be played as single game ties at the highest ranked club’s stadium. All other rounds will be played as two game ties (home and away).

The official draw for the competition is scheduled for Sept. 21. More details regarding the draw, the format and the dates of each round will be announced in the coming weeks.

Concacaf said that it had aagreed to implement the temporary amendment to IFAB Law 3 for this competition, enabling teams to field up to five substitutes per match.

2020 Concacaf Champions League

The competition was suspended at the quarterfinal stage, with 11 matches remaining to conclude the region’s flagship men’s club competition.

Concacaf remains in discussions with the leagues, clubs and stakeholders involved and is working on a range of options, including the possibility of centralizing the remaining matches in one city.

New York City FC is still alive in the competition.

The confederation stated it was committed to concluding the tournament and crowning a regional champion. The winner will also qualify as the Concacaf representative at the FIFA Club World Cup.

A further update on a schedule and format to resume this competition will be communicated in due course.