Jaime Moreno: “This is going to require a long recovery time.”

Former D.C. United standout midfielder-forward Jaime Moreno has undergone surgery on his left eye after he was hit with a golf ball while playing in the United States.

Moreno, considered one of the top players in Major Soccer League history, is a former Bolivian international who also performed for the MetroStars.

“It was such a quick accident and so stupid,” he told Facetas Deportivas. “The ball was in the concrete lane where the carts pass. I hit it but it bounced off an edge and it smashed my eye. A disgrace so great that it can change my life, because it is not certain that I will recover and until the blood drops, it will take time to decide if another operation is necessary. It can happen once in millions and it happened to me. We have to wait in faith for everything to return to normal.”

The accident happened when Moreno was playing golf, which he has been one of his favorite activities after he retired.

“It was a week ago and this is going to require a long recovery time,” Moreno said.

According to doctors, Moreno’s recovery will be slow, because it will take time for vision to fully recover.