The high school sports scene in New York could be jumbled and then some due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Suffolk Times has reported that New York State Public High School Athletic Association COVID-19 Task Force has come up with possible scenarios for the return of high school sports for the 2020-21.

Some of the six proposals hardly look anywhere near traditional and some might be played in the “wrong season,” such as baseball in the fall and soccer and football in the spring.

The task force placed the sports into three categories: low, medium and high risk, the newspaper reported.

So, low-risk sports such as baseball, softball and girls lacrosse could be competed at the start of the school year. In contrast, moderate- and high-risk sports might be played in the spring. The latter sports include soccer, football and boys lacrosse.

At the present time, there have no plans unveiled by Gov. Cuomo as to the status of if and when schools might open in September or fall, and that would take precedence over interscholastic athletics.

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Baseball in fall? Football in spring? COVID-19 Task Force outlines scenarios for sports to resume