MLS is investigating Jesse Gonzalez case. (Photo courtesy of MLS)

NEW YORK – FC Dallas goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez has been suspended by Major League Soccer following a report made to the Frisco Police Department alleging incidents of domestic abuse, the league announced Friday.

MLS is conducting an independent investigation into the matter and will remain in close communication with FC Dallas, local law enforcement and the MLS Players Association throughout the process.

Gonzalez proactively submitted to, and is currently undergoing, an assessment by Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health (SABH) doctors.

He will not be eligible to participate in any team activity until the assessment is complete, he is cleared for participation by the SABH Program doctors and MLS completes its investigation.

“FC Dallas takes these matters extremely seriously and fully supports the league’s swift action to suspend the player while an investigation takes place,” FC Dallas said in a statement. “We continue to work closely with Major League Soccer regarding this.”

FC Dallas will not have further comment since this was an ongoing investigation.

Ditto for MLS, which will not have further comment on this matter until the conclusion of the league’s investigation.