By Michael Lewis Editor

If things fall together, the Cosmos and New Amsterdam FC might have a unique way to prepare for the National Independent Soccer Association fall season.

The league is considering a cup competition this summer that will involve league teams and quality amateur and semi-pro teams.

On Friday afternoon, the Cosmopolitan Soccer League tweeted that NISA was seeking teams for a preseason tournament that would be held on a regional basis.

Several hours later it was taken down at the league’s request, although league sources confirmed the league was looking into a competition.

The Cosmos confirmed the possibility of a preseason competition.

“Together with NISA we’re exploring all options to get back to playing matches,” a statement from the club said. “That includes a potential preseason tournament in late July. At this point, we are only in the discussion phase and won’t know more for at least two weeks.”

The Cosmos and New Amsterdam are new in NISA.

Any sports league, including soccer, would need government approval to hold a season or a tournament due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NISA website has a link to the Independent Cup in which teams can give the league information:

The league cancelled it spring season after a few weeks due to the pandemic.

Established in 2017, NISA has 14 teams.

NISA did not return an email requesting comment.



Cosmopolitan Soccer League


Attention #CSL teams: Do you have an interest in playing in a regional tournament vs pro clubs? #NISA‘s Independent Cup is looking for high quality #NYC teams to take part against members such as


. If so, please email the league office & secretary.