TAMPA, Fla. – The United Soccer League announced Friday that the Championship and League One full-sided training moratoriums have been extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No date was given as to when the moratoriums were extended.

While clubs across both leagues will continue to be allowed to train in limited small group settings, the full-sided training moratoriums will coincide with any potential adoption of a return to play model, according to a press release.

It was the league’s hope that a decision on resumption of play can be made in the coming weeks, but all options remain on the table for both leagues. These include regionalized competition as well as other alternative structures in the event that a traditional league format is no longer possible.

The USL will not resume play under any scenario until it is in alignment with the recommendations of a task force, as well as local and state health authorities. According to the press release, the league also will continue to work with the USLPA (USL Players Association) on COVID-19 management, player safety and well-being, economic relief, and the larger collective bargaining process.

The league said that additional updates will be made available “as soon as possible.”