U.S. Youth Soccer has announced that its National Conferences will include a a competition platform for all former U.S. Soccer Development Academy clubs.

In other words, EDP Soccer, which has operated the East Coast National Conferences, will accept any Development Academy clubs will want to compete in a special league.

U.S. Soccer terminated the DA last week, leaving many teams and clubs without a league in which to compete.

“With input from club directors, USYS Conferences can now provide both regional and national connectivity for clubs looking for a development pathway for their top tier team(s),” USYS leagues and cups director Marley Wilson said in a letter to National League club leaders. “More information about this opportunity will be available in the coming weeks.”

EDP welcomed the new challenge and the possibility of additional teams to compete at the highest level possible.

This news represents a real win for all clubs registering their players and teams with US Youth Soccer as well as for youth soccer in the United States!

“Finally, there is going to be a complete developmental pathway for players and their teams from the younger ages in initial levels of competitive play all the way through to the older ages and the most competitive levels of play, including those previously managed by U.S. Soccer as the Development Academy,” EDP Soccer executive director of leagues Jen Marcella said in a statement.

EDP has highly competitive conferences in the Mid Atlantic, North Atlantic, South Atlantic and New England regions.

“EDP Soccer is excited to be implementing this complete player development and competitive pathway with US Youth Soccer and with the State Associations in the East Region,” Marcella stated. “All teams and clubs that have participated in EDP Soccer leagues, from the EDP Championship level to the EDP Premier level to the US Youth Soccer EDP Conference level (now to be known as the US Youth Soccer National League EDP Conferences) , will have a place to play and advance based on performance on the field. And, it is expected that more teams and clubs will join as they see the benefits being provided.”

Like every soccer league in the nation, EDP has been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.