This is a letter from Washington Spirit owner Steve Baldwin to the fans of the National Women’s Soccer League team.

Spirit Nation,

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Tomorrow [Saturday] we were supposed to open the NWSL season at Audi Field against OL Reign, on CBS, with likely the largest television audience to ever watch a women’s professional sports league event. Audi Field would have been sold out and you would have been loud and proud supporting YOUR very talented team. Like everyone, we wish we were on the field doing what we love, but sometimes circumstances require us to adjust and that is exactly what we have done and will continue to do.

We are making the most of our time by serving our community, regularly interacting with our fans of all ages, displaying the excellence of our players off the field, and DOING OTHER THINGS WE LOVE.

Here are some of the things our players and staff are doing and will continue to do:

* Conducting skills challenges online with kids

* Holding discussions with kids from nearly 40 youth clubs in the DMV

* Communicating with kids in local hospitals via FaceTime

* Conducting online Happy Hours with our adult fans via Zoom

* Interactive match replays on Twitch

* Launching the Richie Burke Show

* Holding our weekly Catch the Spirit Podcast

And much, much more…

Just this week we celebrated Cheyna Matthews being accepted to law school and Jaye Boissiere co-hosting our podcast and holding an in-depth discussion about COVID-19 that demonstrated her expertise in healthcare. I love these two things because they spotlight the excellence of our players off the field. YOUR team has players that will become doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, coaches, public servants, television broadcasters, business executives, authors, and moms.

Our players, the players YOU cheer for, are world class athletes and world class people. They have won World Cups and NCAA Championships. They will win NWSL Championships, the Olympics, and more World Cups. More importantly, they win off the field by making a difference off the field in how they impact the lives of others.

Hang in there! You will soon be able to see YOUR team back on the field … and by the way, we are going to be really good!!! In the meantime, all of us with the Spirit will continue our work off the field to make a difference in our community. We will continue offering ways for you to interact with our players and staff.

Finally, we want to hear from you. Share your thoughts with us on what you want from us right now that will make a difference. Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to your comments!!!