Here are some questions and answers about the National Premier Soccer League’s decision to cancel the 2020 summer outdoor season.

The information was taken from the NPSL website.

Question 1:
What were some of the reasons to cancel the 2020 summer season?

Answer 1:
The NPSL is unique from other leagues, and there were many factors that went into the decision. Here are a few examples:

Our traditional summer season competition structure ends with the National Championship on the first Saturday of August. College students return to school after that time, and extending that date is not a viable option.

Many of our teams do not control their own venues, and are dependent on schools and colleges. These venues are closed, with uncertain re-open dates, or many of them communicating re-open dates in June, July, and even August.

The profile of our ownership groups is typically that of a small business owner. Many of our owners expressed the need for flexibility, which is why we are offering a flexible, customized schedule once we are past this pandemic. The NPSL will continue to adapt in order for its teams to make the right decision for their businesses.

Question 2:

The NPSL is the first national league to cancel its season “under its current competition structure.” What does that mean?

Answer 2:

Based on the points listed above, our summer season’s traditional structure is not feasible. The NPSL is committed to providing an alternate customized competition structure, should the environment allow it.

Question 3:

What happens if the COVID-19 situation improves quicker than expected?

Answer 3:

If the COVID-19 situation improves, the NPSL will be ready to pivot and provide our teams with a platform to play games in the mid-to-late summer of 2020.

Question 4:

What are the plans for the 2020 Members Cup?

Answer 4:

The NPSL remains focused on launching the 2020 Members Cup in August. Details about the Members Cup can be found here. We will be making announcements about this competition in the future.

Question 5:

What will the NPSL do to keep the league and its teams relevant?

Answer 5:

We are redirecting resources, time, and energy to provide creative campaigns for our teams and supporters to remain engaged. We are working tirelessly to help our teams stay active and alive in their markets. Please stay tuned for social media campaigns, partner initiatives, and more.

Question 6:

Is there any chance that the NPSL plays games in 2020?

Answer 6:

Yes, and we are hopeful that the environment enables us to do that. We hope that the COVID-19 pandemic subsides quickly, which would allow medical professionals to permit larger gatherings in 2020. If this happens, our goal is to provide our teams with a platform to play games in 2020, including the Members Cup.

Question 7:

Will the NPSL be back in 2021?

Answer 7:

The NPSL is committed to continue full operations in 2021 to provide the best platform for amateur soccer for many years to come.



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