By Michael Lewis Editor

The fate of the 2020 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup is still up in the air.

The annual competition, which was scheduled to start on Tuesday night, has been up in the air due to the Coronavirus (COVID-10) pandemic. U.S. Soccer suspended the competition

“We obviously have postponed the tournament for the time being and we are obviously having conversations with all the leagues that would be part of it to see if we could figure out a way to have the tournament continue this year,” U.S. chief communications officer Neil Buethe said during a conference call that introduced new U.S. Soccer CEO and secretary general Will Wilson to the media on Tuesday afternoon. “But we haven’t made any final decisions at this point.”

The first round of the tournament was to include games from amateur sides on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Due to every league in the country suspending its schedule, it is not known when the tournament will commence. And if leagues do start up, say, in May or June, there might be many mid-week games on the professional end.

Other Open Cup dates

April 7-9 — Second round

April 21-23 — Third round (11 lower-seeded Division I teams enter)

May 19-20 — Round of 32 (12 higher-seeded Division I teams enter)

June 10 or June 23-24 — Round of 16

June 23-24 or July 14-15 — Quarterfinals

July 14-15 or Aug. 11-12 — Semifinals

Aug. 11-12 or Sept. 22-24 — Final