The Cosmopolitan Soccer League has postponed games through April 19 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

That means its next three rounds of league play and the next League Cup round will be affected.

This decision, made by the CSL board of directors on Thursday night, was based on the recommendations of Eastern New York State Soccer Association and the U.S. Soccer directive on team play and the fact that a state of emergency has been declared in New York City, New York state and New Jersey.

The current plan is to adjust league fixtures as follows:

* March 14/15 – moved to May 30/31

* March 21/22 – moved to June 6/7

* March 28/29 – moved to June 13/14

* April 4/5 league cups – moved to midweek at the end of April

At this time, the CSL does not have information regarding State Cup matches scheduled for April 5.

The current plan is to have the playoff matches played the next week or possibly two weeks after June 14.

The CSL has advised clubs that if they were field permit holders to contact the relevant parks department or agency and seek a refund for any field rented for the next month.

In a press release, he league office said that it could possibly assist you in your interactions with park agencies.

“We understand that the updated schedule may cause some inconvenience,” the CSL said in a statement. “Please understand the health and safety of our players, team managers and coaches and club supporters is our number concern and we take this action with their best interests in mind.”