The Long Island Soccer Football League will start an Over-60 division this fall.

The league is looking for team to start a division and needs at least six teams to create one.

A league cup will be held every season. It is yet to be named.

Here is a list of fees that are involved:

* Entrance fee for the the fall season will be $200 per team from the league and another $100 for Eastern New York State Soccer Association.

* For limited medical insurance, teams will be charged $45 a player, as long as it has a minimum of 18 players up to a maximum of 40.

* Referee fees for home games are $75.

* The team bond for new teams is $250, which will be refunded after three years.

* The championship final field fee is $30 per team per year.

* The hardsthip fund per club is $50.

* The website team page fee is $30 per team per year.

If you are interested or want to join the new division, email