Ten indivdiuals were named on the builders ballot for election to the 2020 class National Soccer Hall of Fame, it was announced on Wednesday afternoon.

In order to be eligible as a builder, an individual must be at least 50 years old or deceased, have made a positive impact on American soccer at the national federation or Division I level lasting at least 10 years and cannot be a current elected official or current full-time employee of U.S. Soccer or the Hall of Fame.

The builder ballot includes 10 individuals selected by a screening committee and those who can vote: U.S. Soccer director of officials, MLS and NWSL management representatives, MLS commissioner, NWSL executive director, U.S. Soccer secretary general, U.S. Soccer president and all Hall of Famers.

Voting will commence on Wednesday, March 18.

Builder ballot

Mark Abbott*

Esse Baharmast

Joe Cummings

Richard Groff*

Sandra Hunt*

Robert Kraft*

Francisco Marcos

Thom Meredith

Kevin Payne

Jim Trecker*

*First year of eligibility