METUCHEN, N.J. – United Women’s Soccer Thursday announced the summer launch of League Two, which will be developmental pathway for players in the Under-20-U-23 age group.

UWS League Two will be under the umbrella of the national pro-am league. It will also be the official league for UWS reserve teams.

The season will run during the summer and teams will play matches in a regional-friendly format.

“The concept of UWS League Two came about in discussions with not only our current membership but also with potential expansion clubs,” UWS commissioner Joe Ferrara, Jr. said. “Many of these organizations remain dedicated to a focus on player development, in which the rosters are heavily comprised of college and high school-aged players.

UWS League Two will give additional competitive experience for players in current UWS clubs because of the reserve team option. It will allow added value to sponsors and establish a larger prospective player pool for teams. For new clubs, it will be an opportunity to introduce themselves to the standards-driven pro-am league and a launch point for a potential UWS first team.

Players over the age of 23 will be permitted to play in the league with a waiver and the league will have an unlimited substitution rule.

Prospective teams can contact for more details.