Emanuelle Sembroni: “This one makes you a little angry, upset. We’ve been working really hard all season to go play for the winning the championship. (Photo courtesy of the Cosmos)

Like many of his Cosmos teammates, Emanuelle Sembroni took last Saturday’s 2-1 home loss to Detroit City FC pretty hard.

The defeat helped stop the Cosmos in their quest to capture for the NPSL Members Cup title

“It’s a tough one because we lost in a championship final the same way,” Sembroni said of the Cosmos’ 3-1 loss to Miami FC in the National Premier Soccer League final on Aug. 3. He also brought up the team’s second-round elimination to Hartford Athletic in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

“This one makes you a little angry, upset. We’ve been working really hard all season to go play for the winning the championship. Unfortunately, it didn’t go the way we wanted. Hopefully next season, we will try to use this negative experience to win the championship.”

It might take the veteran center back a little longer to get that disappointment out of his system with a season-ending match at Napa Valley 1839 FC looming on Saturday at 10 p.m. ET.

“It’s hard,” Sembroni said. “It’s in the system, because it’s two finals. Yes, the positive aspect we’ve got to play those finals, which is great because of the hard work that we did brought us to the final step. Unfortunately, you’ve got to finish the job and we didn’t this season. It hurts, it hurts. I really love this club and my teammates, the staff and everybody in my heart. When you give everything and you go home with nothing in your pocket, it sucks, it hurts. It will take me more than a few days.”

By Saturday night, the 31-year defender expected to have his mind on one thing — beating Napa Valley. In their first encounter with their California foes, the Cosmos barely got past Napa Valley, 1-0, at the Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale, N.Y. on Sept. 7.

Asked what he could take out of that first meeting, Sembroni replied, “Obviously, I got a red card in that game. Don’t get a red card again.”

The defender then laughed before he got serious.

“That game we struggled to score,” Sembroni said. “We’ve got to go there with a different approach, be relaxed, play our game and try to finalize and be aware not to concede any stupid goal and to get the three points. What matters is a strong performance to finish the season for us and the three points.”

The Italian-born Sembroni is looking forward visiting the west coast again. He has been to Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Napa Valley. “I like it because I come from Europe,” he said. “I get to travel the U.S. It’s very nice. Also, if it’s a long flight, it will be the last couple of days together because the season is ending. It would be nice to have a trip together, stay together and closing the right way.”

Which is one reason Sembroni has planned to be all business out there.

“We’re professional and we want to finish the season in the right way,” he said. “We have to honor the season, our club, our fans, everybody that brought something to the club this season. We’re going on the field to win the game.”