By Michael Lewis Editor

LE HAVRE, France — Outside of losing one’s passport, wallet, keys (hotel or house) and misplacing one’s glasses, there is one horror you don’t want to experience while on a trip, particularly a business trip — not having email.

After a pre-game press conference at Parc des Princes and a trip to FOX Sports central near the Eiffel Tower, I ventured back to my hotel for dinner and some rest prior to Sunday’s game.

As I sat down in an Italian restaurant, I noticed there was no app for my email. Never had that happen to me before. I searched on the Iphone and could not find it. I went into settings and there was nothing about email listed at all. It was though it did not exist at all.

Sometimes the easiest way to fix something is to turn it off. So, I switched off my phone and turned it on again.

Still no email.

I repeated it with the same result.

Needless to say, I was horrified and felt this surge of panic through my body. I felt my contact with the outside world was shut off, particularly updates from U.S. Soccer about the women’s national side. Thoughts of doom and gloom entered my mind: how was I going to keep up with things, especially covering the Women’s World Cup.

I searched for solutions about when your email disappears from your Iphone.

One had it restoring the IOS system to its original screen.

This desperate sportswriter did that.

I also decided to download an AOL app so at least I could at least use my primary email.

I then turned off and on the phone again before going to the settings page yet ano5h34 time. There, I actually found a section for my email. Opened it up and noticed that every email of mine — personal and professional had been turned off. I could not fathom how that happened, whether there was a virus, or I hit several keys in a certain order to spark that problem.

All I know is that I turned on all my emails ASAP and got things running back again.

It wasn’t perfect. Apps are in different places on the screen and it is taking a while to get used to.

I can think of worst things, such as not having any email at all.

Let’s face it. We are so reliant on our cellphone these days it is past ridiculous. If the electricity ever went off for a decent amount of time, we would be lost. I don’t have any solutions for that catastrophe, but I think most of our population can’t live without our smart phones.

And don’t get me started on how I think smart phones have made us that much more stupid. That’s a topic for another time.

Just happy I can be in contact with the rest of the world again.