NEW YORK – The Cosmos and FC St. Pauli will host a discussion panel about the changing global scene surrounding independent soccer clubs Thursday morning.

Included on the panel will be executives and supporters from the Cosmos, FC St. Pauli, and the managing partners of Chattanooga FC and Detroit City FC.

The panel:

* Oke Göttlich, president, FC St. Pauli

* Joe Barone, senior vice president, Cosmos

* Tim Kelly, managing partner, Chattanooga FC

* Sean Mann, CEO and co-owner, Detroit City FC

* Shawn Roggenkamp, East River Pirates

* Anthony “Prez” Stephens, producer/director

The panel discussion will focus on club and fan identity, the issues surrounding modern soccer and the role of independent clubs to maintain the integrity of the sport.

The Cosmos host FC St. Pauli in an international friendly at Rocco B. Commisso Stadium in New York City Thursday at 7:30 p.m.