In 1969, two men met for the first time as they were watching a men’s soccer match in Glen Cove, N.Y.

It was then and there that the men, Marco Malusa and Bill Doyle, came up with the idea to start a soccer league for children in Glen Cove. They formed the Glen Cove Junior Soccer League and the first local travel team, a Boys Under-19 squad, to play in the fledgling Long Island Junior Soccer League, which had been founded three years earlier.

Doyle went on to become the second LIJSL president (after Ron Campbell) and was also a well-respected coach and referee before his passing from cancer 25 years ago.

Malusa, who was inducted into the LIJSL Hall of Fame in 1983 and the Eastern New York Hall of Fame in 2010, was irreplaceable in making Glen Cove soccer what it is today. Besides being a co-founder of the club, he co-founded the intramural program along with his wife Marie in 1975.

“Marco has done it all,“ Glen Cove SC president Martin Shannon said. “He was the treasurer, the registrar, a coach, a referee and most importantly, a lifetime board member. He’s been present at board meetings and on the field for all 50 years of the club’s existence. To this day, he still participates and offers his guidance and wisdom.“

Among the beneficiaries of the club Malusa and Doyle created are thousands of boys and girls during the past five decades, including notable players such as Roberto DeLuca, Mike Grella, Danny Mueller, Stephen Mueller and Peter Zaratin, who wore Glen Cove’s red-and-white uniforms while growing up playing in the LIJSL.

Malusa will be honored at Glen Cove’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Saturday, April 13 from 6 to 11 p.m. at the Metropolitan, 3 Pratt Boulevard in Glen Cove. The cost is $90 per person and you can pay at the door after e-mailing Shannon at