Tyler Adams has started his tenure with RB Leipzig. (Keith Furman/FrontRowSoccer.com)

By Michael Lewis

FrontRowSoccer.com Editor

Tyler Adams flew to Germany to join his new club team on New Year’s Day, Tuesday.

He will battle for a spot on RB Leipzig’s Starting XI in the Bundesliga.

Former U.S. national coach Dave Sarachan, who officially will take over as coach of North Carolina FC Thursday, can’t predict whether the former Red Bulls midfielder will be a great success across the pond, but he certainly is a fan of the 19-year-old.

“Well, look he’s first and foremost, he’s a terrific young man,” Sarachan said in a recent interview. “Great kid, loves to play. Terrific competitor and yes, he’s got a unbelievable engine. His data after training and games is always at the top in terms of ground covered.

“I think he’s grown quite a bit in the 13 months he’s been a part of my teams from a technical sense. I think what and tactically as well.”

But Sarachan felt the Wappingers Falls, N.Y. native still has plenty to learn.

“I think the challenge for him now with the next step is to sort of pick his spots in terms of where and when to release and run and being a little bit cleaner in tighter spots when the games get fast,” he said. “I think he’s grown that way. I think that’s an area where he will continue to improve. He’s making great strides and obviously Leipzig is a good club for him to achieve that improvement.”