As always, NYCFC is at the mercy of the Yankees when it comes time to schedule soccer games at Yankee Stadium. ( Photo)

By Michael Lewis Editor

BRONX — Hey, New York City FC fans, it might be August, but you can have a pretty good idea of when your favorite Major League Soccer is going to play at Yankee Stadium in 2019.

That’s right.

The Yankees announced their schedule for the next American League season Wednesday.

So, there are 11 slots in which City can slot its 17 regular-season games in and not all the time frames might not be that conducive for putting a soccer game in because baseball takes priority in all situations and the Yankees certainly do not like to play ball a day or two after a soccer game.

Here are the 11 slots:

* March — up until March 28, which is the Yankees’ home opener vs. the Baltimore Orioles

* April 4-11

* April 22-May 2

* May 20-26

* June 3-16

* June 28- July 11

* July 22–29

* Aug. 5-11

* Aug. 19 –29

* Sept.  6-16

* Sept. 24-29

That also doesn’t take into account any postseason games there might be at the stadium.

Of course, if and when NYCFC manages to get a soccer-specific stadium built, the team won’t have to worry about dates and baseball games.

For example, City was forced to play three games at the stadium within a week while the Yankees were out of town. Not exactly the way MLS had in mind to market its teams with so many games within a sort span.

Check out the entire Yankees’ 2019  schedule here: