FRISCO, Texas – The National Soccer Hall of Fame and NEC Corporation of America Tuesday announced a facial recognition-enabled guest experience for visitors to the Hall.

The NSHOF is scheduled to open to the public Oct. 24.

Powered by NEC and its NeoFace facial recognition software, Hall of Fame guests will experience a custom-tailored tour unlike anything they’ve experienced in a sports setting.

“Leveraging NEC’s acclaimed and industry-leading facial recognition technology as the software engine, our aim is to provide the most personalized experience in sports,” NSHOF executive director Djorn Buchholz said.

NEC and the NSHOF are the first to use facial recognition technology to individualize a guest’s experience in a sports and entertainment venue. Guests will benefit from facial recognition the moment they enter the Hall as they will be prompted upon check-in to share their hometown, favorite soccer position, favorite U.S. teams and their level of fandom. Based on that information, digital touch screens, virtual reality and gesture technology inside of the Hall of Fame will recognize guests using the NeoFace facial recognition software that will personalize each visit based on their individual preference.

”We are honored and excited to be working with the National Soccer Hall of Fame in Frisco, Texas,” NEC Corporation of America president and CEO Mark Ikeno said. “With the opening of the Hall of Fame, soccer fans will be able to experience their favorite teams, players and moments in soccer history by just walking up to the various exhibits after registering with the system. We believe this experience is unique in the sports world.”