Brittany Shaneberger will attend John Jay College this fall. (Photo courtesy of the Shaneberger family)

South Huntington, N.Y. resident Brittany Shaneberger has been awarded a Jack Bauman Scholarship by Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association.

The scholarship is based on success in high school as well as community service.

Shaneberger, who will attend John Jay College this fall, is the granddaughter of Livio D’Arpino, a former Eastern New York vice president at the youth and adult levels before he died in 2002. ENNYSA awards two Livio D’Arpino scholarships every year.

”From the time I first began to walk, I could always be found with a ball at my feet,” Shaneberger wrote in her essay. “As the granddaughter of the late Livio D’Arpino, I have an inherited his passion for soccer. My grandfather never had the opportunity to see me play, but I take the field in honor of his legacy. Since joining my first team at age three, I’ve never missed a game.”

Shaneberger found her way into goal and helped lead the HBC Apaches (Long Island Junior Soccer League) to the State Cup finals, the Long Island Rough Riders to the Super Y-League Nationals and Walt Whitman High School to its first playoff run in a decade. She accomplished this by maintaining a 90-plus grade-point average. Shaneberger also coaches teams and referee games.

Bauman was devoted to the Massapequa Soccer Club, ENYYSA and making sure that girls had as many opportunities to play soccer as boys did in an era when girls playing sports was not as accepted as it is today.